Driving your business IT solutions, efficiency and profitability to the next level.

Maximizing your DATA VALUE
and convert it into BUSINESS NEEDS

Services such as:

  • Infrastructure health monitoring
  • One stop center to outsource your IT operations
  • SOC and NOC monitoring
  • Cybersecurity consultancy
  • Selected solution installation and configuration review expertise

Why Simply Data

Maximise existing investment and build visualisation based on business needs

Our consultants gathers your requirement and leverage existing IT infrastructure tools to provide data for your IT and business visualisation needs

Create automation to reduce IT operation cost and response time

Our consultants can create customised scripts based on customer’s requirement to automate daily mundane tasks and free up valuable time for your IT operations to focus on high value tasks and for faster response time to infrastructure and cybersecurity issues.

We are committed to deliver performance monitoring & cybersecurity excellence
We have engineers and consultants who is experienced in maintaining global customers in APAC and EMEA. Using these experience, we can deliver high quality installation and monitoring services to our customers.